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Basic Skills

Get you started on the path to a richer life.

  • Learn basic computer skills
  • Study for your GED
  • Practice for your drivers license test
  • Try out yoga.


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Northstar Online Learning (NSOL) offers self-directed online learning of basic computer skills and using technology in daily life.

LearningExpress helps students and adult learners improve the skills required for academic and career success.

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IT & Creative Skills

Become an expert.

  • Adobe software, game design, web, photography and marketing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Advanced topics from Yale and Stanford
  • Earn certificates from industry leaders like Google and IBM


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Here's a link that needs no introduction. LinkedIn Learning is now just a few clicks away with your library account.

Use Coursera to thrive at your job and drive positive change in your career development. Please note that as of July 15th this resource is only available to existing accounts. Access ends September 2024. 

Personal Improvement

Expand your interests.

  • Language Learning
  • Test Prep and Credentials
  • Cooking and Music Lessons

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Mango Languages

Learn a new language using real life situations and conversation.

Learning Express

Prepare your next exam with these test prep resources.

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    • The Coursera website has a wide array of community help options, including a public forum for learners like yourself.
    • In addition, their website also has a career center designed to help you pick the right online courses based on your needs.
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    • First, make sure Northstar is the right Upskill resource you need by watching this introduction video on their YouTube channel. Unlike our other Upskill 2022 online resources, this one is primarily about self-assessment tests and certification exams.
    • Feel free to contact the eLibrary staff if you need additional help.
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