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The Library provides full-text article access from hundreds of magazines and journals with EBSCO Discovery Service.

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Job Opportunities at Your Fingertip

AtoZdatabases can get you connected with 30 million businesses. It will be hard to miss any job opportunities!

Tools for Job Seekers, Veterans, & Learners

Get access to live, on-demand assistance from expert Job Coaches or Veteran Navigators.

Occupational Outlooks & Opportunities

Get the facts with this handy database from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. It lists hundreds of job types and their related info.

Get Started with eBooks & eMedia

Don't know where to start with eBooks and eMedia? We provide step-by-step instructions on diving into our virtual library.


Top Quality Tech Books

O'Reilly has thousands of online video courses, eBooks, and audiobooks. It's all A+ stuff including the latest from this year.

How to Use Libby (Overdrive)

Get started using Libby (Overdrive) to access eBooks, audiobooks and other extra resources.

Make Lunch Epic

Our library apps make any break an epic adventure. See our list of apps and download your next discovery today.

Tunes & Flicks

Enjoy Adele's New Album

"30" is Adele's first album in 6 years. It's now available for streaming and download on Freegal. Enjoy it with the holiday season!

Announcing eLibrary News

eLibrary is launching this new blog to spotlight our services, programs and provide quick tips on using the library's many online resources.

How to Use Hoopla

Get started with the Hoopla app to borrow music, movies, audiobooks, comics and eBooks.

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Full-text access to today's national and international newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, LA Times and Chicago Tribune.

Unlimited eMagazine All Day Every Day

Literally thousands of US and international magazines available. Read 'em in print with the Libby app or the Libby website, your choice.

Magazines for Teens

Check them out, you might be surprised to see what we have at Mitchell Park.

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