Library Institutes Automatic Renewals

Palo Alto City Library will institute automatic renewals for its cardholders beginning Sunday, September 1, 2019.  Going forward, eligible items will automatically be renewed two days before their due date. The Library’s courtesy email notice will indicate the updated due dates of items that were automatically renewed. The new due date will be extended from the original due date, so customers will still enjoy a full loan period after each automatic renewal.  There is no need to sign up for this new service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does automatic renewal work?

The Library automated system will automatically renew eligible materials checked out on customers’ accounts, extending a full loan period from the original due date.

What conditions prevent items from being automatically renewed?

  • Items that are requested by another customer
  • Items that have already been renewed 3 times
  • Items that are not eligible for renewals (such as Lucky Day materials, magazines,  Chromebooks, LINK+ 7-day loans, hourly loans and the like).
  • Digital items, such as e-Books, e-Audiobooks, e-Movies, e-Music, etc.
  • Accounts with fines and fees that are $10 or over
  • Accounts where that item has already been 10 days overdue

What happens to items that are not eligible for auto renewal?

They will retain their original due date.

When will items automatically renew?

The system will attempt to renew item(s) 2 days before their due date. Customer will still receive a full loan period from the initial due date.

How am I notified when an item auto renews?

Customers who have an email address in their account will receive the standard courtesy notice 2 days prior to the due date of their item. This notice will indicate the new due date of any items that were eligible for auto-renewal and list the original due date for those items that were not eligible.  These notices are only sent out via email and will be titled “Palo Alto City Library Courtesy Notice.”

If customers do not have an email listed in their account and therefore do not receive an emailed courtesy notice, their eligible items will still be automatically renewed.  Customers can check the status and due dates of their items by logging into their account via the Palo Alto City Library website.

What information is in an auto-renewal notification?

The courtesy message that is sent 2 days prior to the original due date will display the NEW due date if the item could be auto-renewed.

Am I still able to renew materials on my own?

Yes, customers may renew materials any time, even after receiving the notice. Please note that if one renews manually, the new due date will based upon the day one renews. If an item is auto-renewed through the courtesy notice process, and the customer attempts another renewal afterwards, that will count as an additional renewal.

Do I have to sign up for auto renewal?

No, this feature is automatically available to all library customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact library staff in person, online or over the phone in regards to any questions about this new feature and one’s account.