Trending eHelp Topics – Winter 2023

It could happen to you too! Here's a list of the top 3 eHelp questions since my last post in September.

Beware! Not everything in Libby is listed in Sierra/BiblioCore.   

  • You might be wondering why? Well, our Libby collection draws from a wider selection of ebooks and audiobooks available through the Northern California Digital Library Consortium. 
  • At the same time, with popular eBooks we do purchase extra copies (which helps decrease hold lines because Palo Alto library users get those extra copies first). Our purchased items are visible in a catalog search.
  • TL;DR version:  there are thousands of more eBooks available through a direct Libby database search. Hoopla too!

New Skillshare sign-ups went bye-bye.   

  • Recall that this is a resource we're accessing via the California State Library, thus the unusual cut-off date. Customers were notified of this way back in August.
  • GetSetUp, which is also part of that same grant from CSL, is the next to expire. That happens in April 2024. 

Lote4Kids is 100% working after some recent fixes

  • Try it out! It's designed to help kids learn new languages.
  • Lote4Kids also has its own mobile app for iOS and Android which loads faster than their website. We have been working with this vendor to fix that issue.

Bonus Round!

We didn't get any customer questions about the following, but still good to know.