Takeaways from the Library’s AI Storytelling Event

Recently, an AI storytelling event was held at Mitchell Park Library, where participants got a chance to create stories and poetry with the help of AI. The event was designed for beginners who were interested in exploring the emerging ecosystem of AI tools.

During the event, participants worked in groups and gained hands-on experience using AI to generate short stories and poetry. They also used AI-generated images and AI-generated voices to narrate their stories. The final product was a short video, which was published on the library's Reboot Room YouTube channel.

Apart from creating stories and poetry, participants learned about leading tools in the AI space, including how to generate a prompt for AI models. They also gained knowledge about the current limitations of the technology, which helped them understand the potential benefits and perils that the technology poses to society.

The event was a great success, with participants expressing their excitement about the possibilities of AI storytelling. They were thrilled to learn about how AI can help in the creative process and generate new ideas and perspectives. They also appreciated the opportunity to work collaboratively and learn from each other.

The event also highlighted the importance of discussing the potential implications of AI on society. The participants engaged in conversations about the ethical considerations of using AI in storytelling and the role of humans in the creative process.

Overall, the AI storytelling event at Mitchell Park Library was a great opportunity for beginners to explore the possibilities of AI in creative writing. The participants not only gained practical experience in using AI tools but also had insightful discussions about the technology.

PS, everything written above was penned by ChatGPT. 😉