It’s the Great Pumpkin, Palo Alto!

We're excited to share an update on our Seed Library! We received a generous gift of giant pumpkin seeds from the Damariscotta PumpkinFest and Regatta. These are truly “giants” and grown for competition. If you are interested in growing a giant pumpkin, you will need 400-600 square feet in a sunny location.

Since we have a limited supply of these seeds, please review the complete growing instructions and advice, opens a new window to decide if you have sufficient space to grow a pumpkin that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

If you would like to try growing a giant pumpkin, you can request a packet at the Rinconada Library Answers desk. One packet per family, seeds are available from May 15 until we run out. Each packet will include two seeds in an envelope marked with the size of the pumpkin, where the seed is from, the name of the grower, and the year. Please e-mail with the information on the envelope once you have planted the seeds.

So we can share our results with our friends in Damariscotta, please record the date you planted the pumpkin and share photos of its progress with @paloaltolibrary and @damariscottapumpkinfest and tag #paclseedlibrary.