Enjoy World Languages

The Library just added a new online resource Lote Online for Kids. With this resource, your kids can now enjoy digital books in over 50 languages from the comfort of home. Each book is provided with an English translation to help develop multi-language reading and listening skills.

In this blog, I will share some pro tips about this resource.

Ways to Find a Specific Language

50+ languages are a lot to browse over. Luckily, Lote Online for kids provides different ways to sort the languages. 

To find a specific language, you can sort the languages alphabetically in ascending (Sort A-Z) or descending oder (Sort Z-A) . You can also sort them by Latest Release and Most popular.

More than Reading and Listening

Besides reading and listening, Lote Online for Kids also provide some interesting activities as followups. You can easily design games and print out sheets for your kids to strengthening what they are reading.

Coloring Pages

Needless to say, this is one of the most popular and easiest activities for kids. Almost every kid likes to color the pages that he/she is familiar with. 

Spot the Difference

Want to become a detective? Spot the differences in two drawings. This is a good time consuming activity.

Word Search

Try to find a word in a grid of letters? This can help kill some time for your little one. We all need that sometimes.

Book Memory

Book Memory is a wonderful activity to help develop children's attention to detail and visual memory in an enjoyable way, and again, to deepen their connection to the picture books they read.