Develop Your AI Skills with PACL

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having impacts on all facets of life, from work, to school to culture.

New skills and ways of approaching information are now required for everyone.

At the Palo Alto City Library, we provide hands-on workshops, lectures and community conversations to help our community pivot to the AI world.

Join us to begin your AI adventure.

Seeking AI Experts

Are you a seasoned AI user? A teen who has found the cheat code in Stable Diffusion? Do you work in the AI industry?

PACL is looking for community members with AI skills who want to share their knowledge with the community to develop:

  • lectures
  • workshops
  • discussion groups

21st Century Literacy is Digital Literacy

AI Storytelling

In our AI Storytelling workshops, attendees can develop their creative potential, using AI tools:

  • ChatGPT to generate a unique, custom story based on a user prompt.
  • Eleven Labs to generate an audio reading of the story text.
  • Stable Diffusion and Dall-E for creating the storyboards

For more info, check out our AI Storytelling recap.

AI Events

We're always throwing together AI-related programs where customers can join a conversation on AI topics.

Take an AI Course

PACL offers several options for all levels where customers can learn about AI. See our Upskill offerings like Coursera or LinkedIn Learning to get started on your AI learning adventure.

Explore our AI collections

Our staff have curated reading and film lists on AI to help you get started.

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