5 Ways to Borrow a Computer

The library has laptops that anyone can borrow, but we're not the only game in town.

Visit the Technology page for more info about how to borrow a Chromebook from one of our branches. At the same time, here's 4 more ways to stay connected.


  • Virtual Companions - Designed for older adults, and offering tablet computers specifically, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit recently partnered with Side by Side, a student group at Stanford University. Please note this is not a library service, if you're interested in participating in this program or want more information, contact virtualcompanions.team@gmail.com or (650) 336-8543.
  • Little Scholar - Made specifically for ages 3-7, these tablets come pre-loaded with kid friendly content and do not require a WIFI connection to use. 


  • Digitunity- First started in 1984, Digitunity is a national organization in the US that provides new and refurbished computers for their programs and the people they serve, including nonprofits. This is a new resource I just heard about, which seems very similar to TechSoup.org, which you may recall was mentioned in the...
  • Local eRecyclers List - This is my other blog post from a few months ago which highlights options near Palo Alto. Many of the recyclers mentioned also resell low or no-cost computers.

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