Use of Library Account in Absence of Library Card

Use of Library Account in Absence of Library Card Policy

Library Patrons must apply for and receive a Library Card in order to checkout items from the library. If you have already established a library account but do not have your library card in your possession, staff may accept photo ID approved in the Library Card Registration Policy to allow checkout. Without a Library Card or approved form of photo ID, checkout of library materials is prohibited.

If your card is lost or stolen, inform the library immediately. Cardholders are responsible for all items on a library card, all usage of a library card, and all checkouts issued on a library card until it is reported lost or stolen. A replacement library card is $1.00. To report a lost or stolen card please contact us by email at, or visit to your nearest library branch to report the card lost or stolen. To contact by phone, please contact the Coordinator of Library Circulation at 650.838.2973.

Approved by: Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne, Library Director (Date: October 2014)
Approved as to form: Albert S. Yang, Deputy City Attorney

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