Rinconada Library Display Space Policy

Rinconada Library Display Space Policy


Palo Alto City Library connects and strengthens our diverse community through knowledge, resources, and opportunities. We inspire and nurture innovation, discovery, and delight.

One of five branches in the PACL system, the Rinconada Library at 1213 Newell Road houses a robust arts collection and provides space for cultural events. These activities serve as a wonderful complement to the Palo Alto Art Center next door.

Exhibition Space Available

The wall space available for display is located in the main area of the library, a high-traffic area near the service desk.

  • Wall dimensions:  27 feet long x 9 feet high


Inquiries about exhibiting art work should be directed to the Supervising Librarian at Rinconada Library. Contact should be made at least one month prior to the preferred installation date to discuss installation, a reception, etc. The City requires that Exhibitors sign a disclaimer of liability statement. While art is exhibited in areas within the library, the library does not guarantee any monitoring or security of the exhibit. The artist should take any precautionary measures deemed necessary to protect works.

Consider the suitability of works as they will be shown in a public setting and will be viewed by people of all ages, including children.  Final approval rests with the Library Director or the designee of the Library Director.[MA1]

Exhibitors must organize their own marketing and publicity. As time and space allows, information about the exhibit may be featured on the Library’s website. A single reception can be scheduled as time and space allows, and in accordance with the Library Community Room policy, which can be found on the PACL website. Arrangements for booking the Embarcadero Room can be made with the Manager or Supervising Librarian. A projector, DVD player, and microphone are available. Exhibitors are responsible for publicity, setup, and cleanup of the event. Refreshments can be served during receptions but must be provided by the artist or organizer; make arrangements at the time of booking. PACL may be able to provide brief information on the library website and on social media, but it is not guaranteed.

Exhibitors are responsible for installation and removal of artwork. Arrangements should be made with a Library manager to install and remove artwork before the Library opens, minimizing conflicts and disruptions. Exhibitors must bring all tools and supplies required for installation. Nails may be used as necessary, and two-dimensional work should be hung so that it hangs as flush to the wall as possible.

Works should be identified with labels that follow the guidelines (attached). Prices should not be listed on labels; however, contact information for the artist should be provided in an artist statement. Exhibitors are responsible for all transactions and sales. Library staff are not to handle these transactions.

Library staff should be provided with a complete list of exhibited work, including titles, media, and value. Exhibitors should not remove works from the exhibition until the planned removal date. Exhibitors are responsible for removal of all works, as well as removal of any materials used for hanging. However, the Library reserves the right to remove and return artworks prior to the scheduled removal date without advance notice or compensation.


Requirements of Exhibitors

  • Visit the site before scheduling an exhibit.
  • Arrange a mutually convenient date and time for hanging artwork.
  • Complete application form (attached).
  • Be responsible for preparing and hanging art.
  • Bring necessary equipment for hanging art.
  • Display only in designated areas.
  • Provide the Library with a list of works and prices.
  • Leave all works on display through the end of the exhibit.
  • Remove works on the agreed date.

Requirements of Library Staff

  • Coordinate exhibition and installation/removal dates.
  • Prevent visual obstructions of the exhibit.
  • Maintain consideration of exhibitor’s needs and respect for material exhibited.


The City of Palo Alto and Palo Alto City Library accept no responsibility for the preservation, protection, possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. The City of Palo Alto and Palo Alto City Library are not obligated to insure the artist’s artwork or other property. Individual insurance is highly recommended. If your exhibition application is approved, an Art Exhibit Agreement will be emailed to you, which must be completed and returned prior to installation.

Label Template

In order to ensure the enjoyment of exhibitions by all citizens, we require adherence to templates in the formatting of labels and other materials. These templates are consistent with Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 recommendations.

  • Artist Statement
    Statement should list the exhibition title, if applicable, as well as individual or community group name(s). Text must be formatted in at least 16 point font.
  • Artwork Labels
    Must be formatted in the following manner:
    • Artist Name in 24 pt., Artwork Title in 24 pt.
      Italic, Date of Artwork in 24 pt.
      Any additional information, such as media type, etc. in 18 pt.

Rinconada Display Space Application Form

  • Please print and fill out this form.


Marleah Augustine
Supervising Librarian
Rinconada Library
1213 Newell Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303


Approved by: Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne, Library Director (Date: December 2018)
Approved as to form: Tim Shimizu, Deputy City Attorney

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