Library Fees

Fines and Fees 

(Effective July 1, 2020, updated August 2022) 

Overdue Materials Policy 

  • The Palo Alto City Library does not charge daily overdue fines.  
  • The Library will assess replacement fees on materials that are not returned within 42 days (6 weeks) of the due date. When billed Palo Alto City Library materials are returned, replacement charges (minus any collections agency fees) are removed.  
  • Billing fees for LINK+ materials will not be removed if a billed LINK+ item is returned. 

Automatic Renewals Policy 

  • Most items will automatically renew 2 days ahead of the due date, if there are no holds on the item and the patron owes under the $10 threshold.  
  • Items without holds are eligible for 3 renewals, with the exception of some non-renewable collections (Chromebooks, park passes, lucky day materials, magazines). 

Standard Replacement Fees 

  • Lost/damaged item: Replacement cost + $5.00 billing charge 
  • Collection Agency fee: $10* 

Replacement cost is the listed purchase cost of the item. Replacement cost charges are automatically assessed once an item is 42 days (6 weeks) overdue.  

*If an item remains overdue 18 days after the replacement charge has been assessed (a total of 60 days overdue), the customer account will be referred to a collections agency for material or replacement cost recovery. Accounts referred to collections will incur a collection agency fee (see above). 

Unpaid replacement fees are removed once an item has been returned. Collection fees are not removed when items are returned. Customers are still responsible for this charge. 

LINK + Replacement Fees 

  • Lost/damaged item: $115.00 per item 
  • Replacement cost charges are automatically assessed once an item is 15 days overdue. This total charge includes a $15 billing fee that is still applicable when the item is returned. 
  • Charges associated with LINK+ are determined by consortia agreement and not the Palo Alto City Library. 

Non-Standard Fees and Replacement Costs 

  • Library-use laptops: 
    • Overdue charge: 30¢ per hour ($9.00 max. per item) 
    • 72 hours overdue: $700.00 + $5.00 billing charge 

Replacement cost of laptops are automatically charged once item is 72 hours overdue. Unpaid replacement charge is removed once laptop is returned. 

Other Fees 

  • Expired hold fee: $1.00 

Expired hold fees are automatically assessed for items on hold and not picked by the hold expiration date. 

  • Photocopies: 15¢ per page 
  • Black and white printing: 15¢ per page 
  • Color printing: 50¢ per page 
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