Intellectual Freedom Policy

Intellectual Freedom Policy

Consistent with the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association, the Palo Alto City Library will not deny a person's right to use the library because of their age, national origin, religion, sex, or views.

The Palo Alto City Library does not practice labeling or prejudging of any material on the basis of the potential or perceived controversial content or on the basis or moral, religious, or political beliefs of the author or producer.

The library guarantees adults and children free access to all materials in the library, without procedural or physical barriers.

Parents have the responsibility to be aware of what their children are reading or using and to guide them in the selection of materials.

The library staff is pleased to assist patrons in selecting and finding materials that their individual needs. The library staff can also introduce reference tools for finding needed materials.

Palo Alto City Library I-9-1 Policy Memorandum No. 9 September, 1990
Reaffirmed August, 2014

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