Children and Teen Area Policy

Children & Teen Area Policy

The Palo Alto City Library welcomes children of all ages to use library resources and attend programs. Children's and Teen areas provide resources specifically for children and teens, including regular and special programs targeting the needs of specific age groups. This policy is intended to promote safety for children who use the library and enjoyment by all library patrons.

The Children’s Library and children’s and teens areas of other branch libraries are reserved for children, teens, their parents or responsible adult caregivers, and other patrons using the children’s collections. Adults who are unaccompanied by a child or teen in these areas should generally be assisted by staff, and may be asked to move to another area of the Library once they have completed using the children’s and teen collection.

Approved by: Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne, Library Director (Date: August, 2014)
Approved as to form: Albert S. Yang, Deputy City Attorney

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