Get Started with Robotics and Coding

Are you interested in developing applications for the Library's two robots, Dewey and Elsie? You are at the right place. 

Dewey and Elsie are the robots for everyone. They give everyone in the community a chance to enjoy robot shows,  to explore computer coding and to develop computational thinking in a fun and interactive way.

Get Started with Dewey

The Library purchased Dewey, the humanoid NAO robot, though Pacific Library Partnership Innovation Grant in 2017. 

Dewey can be programmed with Choregraphe - a dragging and drop interface that allows anyone to create complex behaviors without much coding. For developers, you can also start coding Python directly inside Choregraphe. Choregraphe comes with a virtual robot. Once you installed the software, you can develop and test applications with the virtual robot from anywhere.

To install the software, open Choreographe software download  page, look for version "2.1.4" and type "Setup", and download the version for your OS. 

Get Started with Elsie

The Library received a Python Software Foundation grant to develop a "Robo Dojo: Intro to Python" workshop in 2019. Elsie is a Misty robot the Library purchased to go with Dewey in the workshop, as well as other events.

Elsie is purpose-built for developers, has the tools and docs you need to easily build her skills, and is readily extensible via third-party APIs, hardware modifications, and additional sensors. You can use Python or Javascript to develop Elsie. Check out the Elsie's Documentation page to get familiar about the APIs.

Get Started with Python

Python Software Foundation provide a very good tutorial for beginners.

If this is the first time you ever use Python, we recommend you start from Using the Python Interpreter.

Finally, do not miss the robotics programs provided by the Library. These programs are completely free.

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