How can I ensure my account privacy?

While the Library encourages customers to share their comments, reviews and lists, you can take steps to keep your activities from being shared in our online catalog:

An easy step to anonymize your activities is by creating a username that is not derived from your real name.

Other steps include:


A BiblioCommons Shelf tracks books you have completed, plan to read or are in the process of reading. Shelves are public by default, but you can opt to make shelves private.

When a new user account is set up, you can opt to import your private lists from Encore into your For Later Shelf. Since shelves are public, these lists will no longer be private until you set the shelf as private.

Shelves can be made private under your account settings.

Activity Feeds

Activity feeds show a timeline of recent social activities like a your lists of books, new comments you've made, reviews, etc. Activity Feeds are also public by default. Like Shelves, these can be made private under your account settings.


Lists allow users to organize book, movies and music into lists. Customers can follow other library users and see their latest lists on their newsfeed. Privacy is set for each list during the completion process or can be changed later.

Comments and Ratings

Comments and ratings are always public. Users concerned with privacy should not comment or rate books in BiblioCommons.

See our Privacy Page for more information on understanding how to protect your privacy while using the library.