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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customers may have up to 20 unfilled holds on their account at one time, including any LINK+ holds. Note: Placing in excess of 20 holds will not save to your account and will produce an error like the orange error bar shown below.
  • During the Pandemic Closure some expanded access to streaming content and eBooks was provided.

    However, temporary online-only cards available through our online registration form do not provide compete access to everything we offer.

    For complete access a permanent card is required. See our FAQ, How do I get a library card, for details.

  • Yes. If you are concerned that a hold will become available while you are busy or away, you can place pause the hold. Pausing retains your place in line until you un-pause the hold. This features is useful if you have items on hold and go on vacation, or already have things checked out you have not finished yet.

    To pause a single hold

    • Log in to your account
    • Go to your On Hold page. 
    • Find the title you want to pause. 
    • Click the Pause button below the item.
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