Current Library Services

Current Library Services

Service Changes Due to the Omicron Surge

With COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing in the Bay Area, the Palo Alto City Library is continuing to take steps to protect community health.The Library is monitoring service levels in light of the pandemic and current and potential staffing limitations.

To limit in-person interactions, please consider handling service needs online. 

See our our service announcement for further details.

Latest Service Announcement

Library Adjusts Services Due to Omicron

Jan 13, 2022
In light of the recent spread of COVID-19, the Library is adjusting our services.

Active Services

Suspended Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customers may have up to 20 unfilled holds on their account at one time, including any LINK+ holds. Note: Placing in excess of 20 holds will not save to your account and will produce an error like the orange error bar shown below.
  • During the Pandemic Closure some expanded access to streaming content and eBooks was provided.

    However, temporary online-only cards available through our online registration form do not provide compete access to everything we offer.

    For complete access a permanent card is required. See our FAQ, How do I get a library card, for details.

  • Yes. If you are concerned that a hold will become available while you are busy or away, you can place pause the hold. Pausing retains your place in line until you un-pause the hold. This features is useful if you have items on hold and go on vacation, or already have things checked out you have not finished yet.

    To pause a single hold

    • Log in to your account
    • Go to your On Hold page. 
    • Find the title you want to pause. 
    • Click the Pause button below the item.

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