How to Search Consumer Reports

How to Search Consumer Reports

You may know this popular magazine is available through Flipster as an eMagazine, but did you know we have a 2nd database where you can search for specific products going all the way back to 1999?

This setup takes a few extra steps to get started because we cannot provide a direct link from our website, so read below for more info.

  1. Visit the eLibrary Page and click on A-Z Resources button. This link is also available through our website footer on every page.
  2. Click “C” and scroll down to Consumer Reports at the bottom of this list. Click the magazine name, it's a link!
  3. The next asks for your library account number and PIN. BiblioCommons usernames will not work, it must be the 15 digit library account number found on your library card.
  4. You should now see the EBSCO search homepage. Click the advanced search option. This extra step is critical if you want to only see articles from Consumer Reports.
  5. The advanced search page allows you to enter your search terms in the top box. Try "gas stoves" or a common product name like "TV", then in the drop-down option to the right of this search field, make sure the All Text option is active.
  6. In the second search box on the advanced search page, below where we typed the product name, enter the magazine name Consumer Reports. In the corresponding drop-down to the right of this search box, select SO Journal Name.
  7. Click the Search button to get your results.

How to Search The Annual Consumer Reports Buying Guide

Use the same steps as above, but change the journal name (step 6) to "Consumer Reports Buying Guide". Do not include the year of the buying guide in this field. If you want to see a specific year, use the publication date advanced search option on the same page. 

Example screenshot of the advanced search window in EBSCO databases.
Here is an example of the advanced search screen (step 5).
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