Visit Stanford’s Cantor Art Museum

By Audrey, Grade 9

Earlier last month I visited Stanford’s Cantor Art Center. This art center is an art museum which is located on the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, California, United States. It is free to the public and no reservation is required. It is also very easy to find a close by parking spot. There is a “YO” shaped sculpture right outside of the museum. It is yellow and very eye-catching which makes the museum pretty attractive from outside to visitors.

The museum has two stories and a spacious lobby. It offers different exhibitions from month to month. You may follow either a forty-five minutes group tour or a Self-Guided Tour. Both tours are free of charge. I took a museum map in the lobby and chose a Self-Guided Tour. When I walked into each exhibition, I was surprised at the diversity of the pieces of art available for viewing. Some works of art were much more historical in nature, with some pieces dating back to 400 B.C. and others from the 1800’s. Various cultures were represented in all the artwork, with some pieces from ancient Egypt, and others from Japan, China, and Mexico. I think what was most heartfelt is knowing so many of these pieces were dedicated to the loved ones or friends of the artists themselves who are no longer here with us—these pieces keep their memories and experiences immortal. 

Among all the exhibitions, I like ceramic artworks the most. For example, there is an artwork called Folly crafted expertly by Genesis Belanger in 2021. In Folly, Belanger’s piece showcases an idealistic picnic scene made from plywood and powder-coated steel painted over with pastel oil paints. Belanger cleverly exercises uses unity in Folly, with pieces of fruit, cheese, sandwiches, working together to showcase an ideal picnic. I found its subject matter so bizarre.

I highly recommend this art museum for its diverse exhibitions, easy access, and friendly staff.