Nature Poetry- from Everyday Surroundings to a Magical World

By: Manan G., Grade 9

Here is a poem dedicated to my school. The title is “Jaguar’s Ensemble”, highlighting our school’s beautiful campus while honoring our mascot.


Jaguar’s Ensemble


At 8 AM students come,

From a thousand different places,

Swish, swish, go our bikes

Vroom, Vroom, go our cars

Walking, humming to ourselves,

Making the melody of the morning

Such nature in our campus,

Buzzing bees in our trees,

Bright flowers that fight for the light,

And the grass, freshly-cut that caresses our feet as we walk by,

Kids laughing and chatting,

Discussing the latest discourse,

Music and song ringing with joyous flare,

One community, unique and rare,

All in the spirit of the Jaguar.