Movie Reviews by Allison

By Allison, Grade 10


Movie Review: Fall (2022)

I had a gripping experience watching “Fall”, a thrilling movie that was released in 2022. The story is about two best friends who find themselves trapped on the top of an abandoned radio tower that is barely holding together by rustic screws and in many cases, no screws at all. You will see decaying metal and pieces falling off. One of the two friends had experienced a painful
loss (her boyfriend passed away) and this girl went into deep depression and pushed everyoneshe loved away, including her father. One day, the other friend shows up unexpectedly and encourages her to live life again by overcoming her fears and climbing an old radio tower that is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. This climb would be her way to say good-bye to her late
boyfriend. Sounds all good but this tower is located in a very isolated area that the next local spot where people can be found would end up miles away. The radio tower is literally fallingapart, but there is no stopping the two girls from making it all the way to the top. 2000 feet to the top of the tower. To put that into perspective, that is ⅓ of a mile high or 200 stories tall. Imagine how tiring it is to walk up 5 flights of stairs. Now imagine these girls are climbing up 200 flights of stairs and once they reach the top, the ladder breaks away and falls to the ground. 1% chance of surviving. This movie had me on my toes and on the edge of my seat. I could only hope for a happy ending but there are so many twists and turns, it keeps me guessing whatwill happen next. There is a surprise twist so you have to watch to find out. I highly recommend you watch this movie with your friends.



Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

If you enjoyed watching the first two Spider-Man movies from this trilogy, then you will enjoy this third installment from Marvel. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was released in December 2021and it is another amazing movie for all ages to watch. If you follow the Marvel timeline, you might be able to embrace the concept of the multiverse. In the Spider-Man verse, there exist different dimensions of these parallel worlds such that each parallel world has their own version of Spider-Man. In each verse, someone dies and the event that led to the death of this person might have been somehow related to Spider-Man’s action, therefore, could it have been prevented. Of course, no one could have predicted it but Peter Parker blames himself and this burden drives him to the brink of despair (devastated beyond wanting to live). Peter’s friend, Ned, opens a portal to other parallel universes by accident and two other Spider-Mans from different dimensions enter his world. They introduce themselves as Peter Parker (aka SpiderMan). This movie brings back the past into the present day and if you have watched SpiderMan movies during 2002-2027 and the Amazing Spider-Man movies during 2012-2014, then “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will amaze you. Each Spider-Man had their own losses in life so were able to find comfort sharing their stories with Spider-Man in this 2021 movie. The bond between these different characters will touch your heart. Peter’s relationship with MJ Watson (played by Zendaya) remains strong in this movie. You have to watch this movie to understand the new battle Peter has to face and how he needs the moral support from the other SpiderMans to not have revenge take over his will to live. Of course, this multiverse would not have been possible without Doctor Strange, so go watch it now. I am a Marvel fan and I enjoy superhero movies. I highly recommend you watch this movie with friends and family.



Movie Review: In the Heights (2021)

I have a terrific review of a musical with a lot of hip-hop and salsa dancing in the streets. This movie is called “In the Heights”, a musical directed by Jon Murray and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The movie was released in June 2021 and the book was written by Quiara Alegria Hudes. If you are familiar with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work, then you will remember him from the
lead musical role as Hamilton. He is very creative and a talented songwriter, which makes sense why “In the Heights' was a successful Broadway show in 2008. The location is a Hispanic-American neighborhood in the Washington Heights within New York City. The story is centered on a local store owner named Usnavi whose dream is to move back home to the Dominican Republic (his hometown) to open a small supplies and coffee shop near the beach. In the neighborhood, an elderly woman named Claudia passes away but before she died, she saved a lotto ticket for Usnavi with the winning numbers. Usnavi won $96,000 from the lotto and that was enough for him to pursue his dream. On the opposite side, there is another girl named Nina who returns home from college only to find out that her father had to sell his taxi business in order to support her daughter’s tuition to Stanford University. The entire story covers three days and a lot happens in those three days to this Latino community. The musical touches on the American Dream but also touches on the financial struggle of many immigrants. It touches on different unique cultures that define each individual and who we really are. The fact that everyone is singing and dancing in the streets brings a lot of energy and love despite the diverse backgrounds we have. So many musical dances and creative moves can be seen. It is one of the best musicals to add to your list of shows to watch.

In the Heights