Movie Reviews by Allison

by Allison, Grade 10


Wonder Woman, the Unstoppable Amazonian Woman Warrior

This review is for the DC fans who love superhero movies. “Wonder Woman” (released in June 2017) is one of the DC movies you have to watch. Like most of the recent DC movies, the first movies within their series seem to end up being the best overall. The director, Patty Jenkins, found Gal Gadot to play the role of Wonder Woman. There could be no better choice than Gal Gadot. She portrayed the character with her perfect charm and passion for what a Wonder Woman should be. I loved this movie because it was powerful and gave me the courage to believe in myself. That is what most superhero movies do, they give people hope. The story is about a young princess named Diana, of the Amazons (a mythical place from Greek mythology). The Amazons were a group of powerful women warriors who lived on an uncharted island, hidden from the rest of the world. The movie takes place around the time of World War I so chaos was everywhere. When a fighter pilot named Steve Trever, played by Chris Pine, escapes from his crashing plane, it is Diana who saves him. It was at that point, Diana started to realize that the world needed help and she was convinced that Ares (God of War) was behind all this war. She knew she had to leave her home to stop Ares before he destroys the entire world. Wonder Woman is all about showing a bit of kindness and bravery, and how an individual can make a difference. Steve did not think one person could change the world, but he was quickly proven wrong when Wonder Woman stood up against blazing guns and matched right into victory. I would recommend you watch this movie. It is a great story with a powerful ending.

Wonder Woman

Dr. Dolittle's Epic Adventure to Save the Queen in the movie Dolittle

I have a great recommendation for you, a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. This movie is named “Dolittle” which was released in 2020 and directed by Stephen Gaghan. This is a fantasy adventure with a group of animals. The movie is about a famous animal doctor who lives on this island who can talk to animals in a strange but loving way so his entire home is filled with animals like an open zoo. When the Queen of England becomes gravely ill, he must go on a magical adventure to find a cure for the Queen of England. This search for the cure led him and his fellow animal friends into one of the most dangerous caves where he must face a fire breathing dragon. The dragon is full of anger and it becomes life or death, unless Dolittle can find a way to save himself. It is the courage within and his ability to talk to animals that makes him the best person for the job. Eventually Dolittle figures out why the dragon was angry in the first place and helps him. If what I have described has started to interest you, then you should go watch the movie to find out what Dolittle actually did to the dragon and how he found the cure. Those who know Robert Downey Jr from many of his other films, will remember him in “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes”, for example. His character is charismatic and energetic. Robert brings his own unique charm to the character he plays. The plot takes many twists and turns as Dolittle takes some of his animal friends on this adventure. A lot of humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments in the movie. The animals are clever, witty, and full of friendliness to keep Dolittle moving forward. I highly recommend you watch this movie with friends.