Make Your Own Map!

Reconnect with your community by making your own map!

How do I make a map?  

Artist Nate Padavick provides instructions, opens a new window on how to make an illustrated map. Try his techniques of choosing your sites, plotting them on your page, then adding details.   

What should be on my map? 

Show us what you like about Palo Alto—favorite trees, walks, places to go. Or create a map of things you think are noteworthy, like a school, park, or other destination. You could also make a map of places you want to visit.   

Find books on map design  

Be inspired by the variety of maps and map design. Here’s a list of books to enjoy on maps and map-making

Magic of maps

List created by Senior Librarian, Rebecca_Kohn

Maps have legends and can also become legendary. Enjoy these stories about maps, mapmakers, and other types of cartographic stories.

Airline Maps

A History of the World in Twelve Maps

In the Memory of the Map

Map Art Lab

Mapping It Out

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