Machine & Man: Similar as can be

by Manan G., Grade 9

Juice of Life

Plug in the juice maker,

Stainless steel and black-cut blades,

Whirr, whirr

Is today the day for a beautiful puree?

To crush?

To mix?

Or simply, to blend?

In go the deep-red carrots,

With skins of bright orange as vivid as the sun,

I add alluring apples, as juicy as a sweet,

Their fragrance fills the air,

It’s time to get creative!

Like each day,

No matter what,

Come what may,

The blender is made to blend,

And blend it does- I do,

All the experiences, I take them in,

Just as the blender accepts its food to mix,

As robust as can be,

No ingredient is the same,

Each one unique in taste and texture,

Yet I take them all in,

Mixing them until they become one,

I take in, process, and react

It takes in, mixes, and produces

So are the blender and I not alike?

Both machines of sorts,

Processing and blending,

Taking the world in our stride.