Game On: Celebrating Creators of Color!

For our Book To Action 2021 program, the library is focusing on racial equity and antiracism. Exercising our antiracist skills applies to every thing we do – including gaming!

Have you thought about the types of games you play? Who makes them? What messages are you interacting with?  

We gathered up some helpful websites, organizations, and articles to help you explore games by creators of color, as well as look at your old favorites through a new lens! 

A Launchpad for your Antiracist Gaming Exploration

Explore the following sites to see how you can uplift Devs of Color, interweave antiracism into your gameplay, and learn something new 

  • Good Trouble: Lessons in Social Justice for Minecraft: Education Edition: In this activity, players meet Congressman Lewis to learn about his philosophy and the story of his life. Then they’ll join him on a journey around the world and back in time to meet leaders of social justice movements who have had an impact on millions of lives. 
  • Gameheads: Based out of Oakland, CA, Gameheads uses video game design, development and DevOps to engage, prepare and train low-income youth and youth of color ages 15 to 24 in the Bay Area for careers in the tech and video game industries. Explore their game library to try out new games by youth developers! 
  • Game Devs of Color (GDOC) Expo: GDOC Expo is dedicated to amplifying the creative power held by people of color in games. Explore their YouTube to find talks, panels, and interviews from the past five years’Check out their archives to see past games lists! 
  • Support Black Game Developers by buying their games and connecting on social media. 

Team Game On’s Top Picks

A list of games that stood out to Kasper, Chris, and Molly in their research