Family Resources at the Library: Toddlers

Each developmental stage in a child’s life is unique and comes with its own milestones. The toddler stage takes place when a child is one to two years old. The library can play an important role in supporting families with toddlers. Palo Alto City Library offers both materials and activities to support this age group.

Covers of various picture books
Totally Toddlers! Booklist: Look for books with bold and simple illustrations, repetitive and rhythmic text, and ways for the reader to participate.


  • Toddlers are beginning to move around and discover what their body can do. Books that encourage movement, play, and interaction are great choices for this age range.
  • Rhymes and repetition are wonderful for getting your toddler involved in reading. They’ll enjoy the predictability and getting to repeat phrases with you! Repetition is key in language development.
  • Try asking simple questions about what you are reading that can be answered by pointing, such as “Where is the dog?”
  • Choose books with bold illustrations and without too much happening on each page
  • You often won’t get through an entire book with your ever-moving toddler! Try reading them a story while they are occupied with something else, such as eating, so they can see how books have a beginning and an ending
  • Take a look at our Totally Toddlers!, opens a new window booklist for some suggestions

Library Programs

  • We have weekly storytimes that are perfect for toddlers! Our Little Ones Storytime is geared towards those that are younger than 2 years old. Our Family Storytime is for all ages. Your toddler is sure to enjoy either one! Both storytimes utilize songs, rhymes, books, and movement to encourage early literacy in your little ones.
  • We often have family events that are fun and educational for all ages, such as crafts, performers, and dance parties! Check our events calendar to learn more about these various events!

eLibrary Resources

  • LOTE4Kids: A collection of picture books in various languages
  • Bookflix: An eBook collection that pairs video storybooks with related non-fiction

Local Resources