Every Heartstopper Book, Ranked

By: Neha N., Grade 9

The Heartstopper graphic novel series is one of my favorites ever. I recommend it over and over, and especially since the 5th volume came out recently, I wanted to share my thoughts. In this list, I’m going to explain how much I like each volume and why. 


5. Heartstopper Volume 2

Falling into 5th place is the second volume of Heartstopper. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but it felt a little bit predictable. After finishing book 1 on a cliffhanger, I think Oseman’s intention is for the reader to be thinking about what happened next, and book 2 ended up being exactly what I predicted. The book is super sweet, awkward, and adorable, and helpful to the overall series, but I think it had a little less action than some of the other volumes, and was a little less exciting because of that predictability.



4. Heartstopper Volume 5

In fourth place is the newest addition to the series, volume 5. Some of the qualities I like about it are the tensions that the main characters face as they think about the transition from high school to university and how that will affect them. I think Oseman did an excellent job of portraying the simultaneous fear and excitement that is the underlying emotion throughout this book. However, because of the nervousness, the book ends up having less happy and sweet moments that I love. I think Oseman made the conscious choice for this to be the case, but I still would have appreciated some lightheartedness to balance out the tension.



3. Heartstopper Volume 1

I absolutely love this one! It’s a great introductory book and the reader immediately falls in love with Oseman’s charming drawings and writing style. The reader gets introduced to a plethora of different characters without feeling overwhelmed at all, and there are so many iconic moments that lay the foundation for the rest of the series. I also especially appreciate the way that the characters are written to each have their individual problems in the first book that they slowly work on throughout the rest of the volumes.



2. Heartstopper Volume 4

WOW. This volume was a rollercoaster! I distinctly remember laughing and crying and having to take several breaks to scream the first time I read it. The emotions run high, the relationships strengthen, and several characters overcome their fears in this one. I strongly considered putting this volume in first place. The only reason that I didn’t, my one little complaint, is that this volume covers a lot of time, leading to an ever-so-slight rushed feeling. But overall, a great emotional read!



1. Heartstopper Volume 3

I loved, loved, loved this volume! Although it didn’t have the same emotional vulnerability that I love about volume 4, it makes up for it in laughs and fun. I think this volume does the best job of balancing fun and adventure with conflict. There are several major conflicts at the center of book 3 (which I won’t spoil!) but it still remains lighthearted. My favorite part of this book is by far the school trip to Paris that all the main characters go on. There's so many fun and cute moments, but also we see all the bonds between the characters strengthen… and we even get a very special friends-to-lovers moment (which I cannot explain how much I love!) 



In conclusion, I just wanted to emphasize again how much I LOVE this series! Although I seem critical throughout this list, everything I mentioned are just little things that justify my rankings. I absolutely recommend this series to anyone who loves teen romance, LGBTQ+ fiction, or just graphic novels in general!