A Tale of 2 Spiderman Movies

By: Allison C., Grade 10

Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


This review is for the Marvel fans who love superhero movies. When Marvel made Spider-Man
appear in the “Captain America: Civil War” movie that was released in 2016, this was the
beginning of another great superhero brought back to the big screen. Another amazing hero to
follow. Here is an interesting fact, when you look back in history, the original Spider-Man in the
comic books was also called ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. In this new series, “Spider-Man:
Homecoming”, released in July 2017, is a story about a teenage boy named Peter Parker,
played by Tom Holland, who is gifted with amazing spider-like abilities and strength beyond any
normal man. He is strong enough to lift a car, quick to soar through the skies as he hangs by a
web, and possesses fast reflexes due to his quick agility to react to danger. His Aunt May calls
Peter’s spidey senses “Peter tingle”. Peter is a teenager and has a lot to learn about being a
superhero. Like many teenagers, sometimes making the wrong decision is what defines you as
you grow up and make better decisions. The Spider-Man story is focused on Peter Parker, the
boy behind the Spider-Man suit. He tries to figure out who he really is but ends up learning it
the hard way from his father figure friend Tony Stark (Iron-Man). Peter looked up to Tony so the
harsh words from Tony would dig deep into his heart. The most dramatic scene in this movie
was when Iron-Man took away Spider-Man's suit because Peter thought the suit made him the
superhero. Peter is struggling to find his identity. I am a Marvel fan and I enjoy superhero
movies. This is one of my favorite movies that I enjoyed and I am sure you and your family will
enjoy it too. I highly recommend you watch this movie.


Movie Review - Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)


If you loved watching “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, then you will absolutely love to watch this
next sequel from this Spider-Man trilogy. “Spider-Man: Far From Home'' was released in July
2019. This is the second movie following “Spider-Man: Homecoming” back in 2017. If you
cannot remember how the last movie ended or never watched it, then I recommend you borrow
the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” first. In fact, you may want to also watch “Avengers: End Game”
to understand the time (8 months later) so you can better relate to the events that have led to
where Peter Parker finds himself. There will be many references to those past stories. The
new story of “Spider-Man: Far From Home '' takes place in Europe and includes Nick Fury
(played by Samuel Jackson) in this movie. If you follow the Avengers movies, then you already
know that Tony Stark sacrificed his life and Peter was deeply devastated by this one event. As
you might expect, Tony was Peter’s role model, so he respected Tony like a father figure. Peter
is vulnerable and gullible that he mistakenly trusted the wrong person in this movie and ended
up giving all access and control to Stark’s technology to the one person he thought had
understood him, Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal. That technology ended up being used as
a weapon. Now Spider-Man must stop Mysterio. In this movie, this is where MJ Watson (played
by Zendaya) discovers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Now Spider-Man must keep his friends
safe and save the world from Mysterio on his own. His school trip to Venice, Italy has become a
war ground for this movie. Peter’s character is one that people can relate to and what
superheroes must sacrifice, in addition to believing in themselves. I highly recommend you
watch this movie with friends and family.