How to Use Virtual Office Hours?

The Virtual Office Hours is a library service you can get through Amazon Alexa App in your smart phone or an Amazon device like Amazon Echo Show. Please check the Library's calendar for the up-to-date opening hours.

Privacy Note

Please note that using Amazon Alexa App requires sharing personal data with Amazon, including your contacts, conversations using the App, geo-location etc.

The Library is exploring this service to inform the greater library community about the risks, benefits and customer reaction to home device services like Amazon Echo. 

We are seeking customer input. Please share with us your opinions by participating in a quick survey

Get Started

You will need your smart phone and internet connection. 

Step 1: Download Alexa App

Download the Alexa App to your smart phone. The app can be downloaded from the Amazon AppstoreApple App Store, or Google Play. You can also download the app directly from

Step 2: Confirm your phone number

Once you get the Alexa app, you’ll be prompted to confirm your phone number. Amazon will text you a 6-digit code. Type in your phone number and the code for confirmation. 

Step 3: Save the Virtual Office Hours number in your phone

Save the Virtual Office Hours number 650-847-0996 in your phone as a contact.

Step 4: Call us now

  1. Open the Alexa app, and then tap the "Communication" bubble button at the bottom of the screen to enable Alexa Communication. 
  2. You will be asked to import your contacts from your device the first time you use Alexa Communication. In the future, when you open the Alexa app, your contacts are auto-updated from your phone. 
  3. Tap the person icon at the top of the page in the upper-righthand corner. This will bring up a list of people that have their contact information saved in your phone that also enabled their Alexa app. Pick the Virtual Office Hours number, and you can start a video call with our eBook expert. 

From now on, you can also ask Alexa to call someone by simply saying their name in the Alexa App. For instance, if you saved our Virtual Office Hours number as "library", you can say “Alexa, call library!” If you have an Amazon device like Amazon Echo Show that is in sync with your Alexa App, you can also initiate the same command on that device to start the service. Please check the Library's calendar for the opening hours of the service.

Finally, please share with us your experience and thoughts by taking this quick survey.

The Virtual Office Hours service is sponsored by Pacific Library Partnership.