Sidewalk Service

Sidewalk Services

Pick up your holds and return your items using our Sidewalk Services.



Holds services are available by appointment only. Returns require no appointment but must occur within the Sidewalk Service hours below.


Monday - Friday

12pm - 5pm


Mitchell Park and Rinconada libraries only.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park Sidewalk Services are located at the main entrance.


Rinconada Sidewalk Services are located at the rear staff entrance. Returns are handled outside the Embarcadero Room.

How holds services work

sidewalk1_hold ready

Make an appointment
Once you receive an email notification that a hold is ready for pickup, schedule your holds pickup time by calling:
(650) 329-2436


Proceed to the pickup station during your 30 minute appointment slot.

  • Mitchell Park main entrance (view map)
  • Rinconada staff entrance, across from the community garden (view map)

Get in the social distancing line to receive your holds

Be sure to wear a face covering in accordance with City of Palo Alto Emergency Order.

Our staff will bring your holds to the pickup station.


Verify your holds with the staff

Check the receipt on your bag to ensure you have the correct items.

Pre-Closure Holds

For customers who had holds ready at our libraries before the pandemic closure, we will transfer these for you using the Sidewalk Service at Rinconada and Mitchell Park libraries.

Please wait for a notification that your hold is ready before coming to the library to pick it up.

Mitchell Park & Rinconada

Please use the Sidewalk Service at the branch indicated on your pickup notice.

Other Branches

If you had a hold waiting at the Children's or Downtown library, they will be transferred for pickup at Rinconada.

If you had holds waiting at College Terrace, they will be transferred for pickup at Mitchell Park.


LINK+ items delivered before the pandemic closure are available for pickup starting June 26th using the Sidewalk Service.

New LINK+ services will be resumed at a future date.

Unwanted Holds

If you have a hold you don't need anymore, please cancel that hold so your fellow library customers can get their items more quickly.


Call us at (650) 329-2436

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