Program: California Listens

California Listens

Share local stories from all manner of Californians

California Listens is a project of Berkeley-based non-profit training and project development organization, StoryCenter in conjunction with the California State Library.

In June of 2017, the Palo Alto City Library was selected to participate in a statewide digital storytelling program -- California Listens. The program, sponsored by the California State Library and Califa, was focused on collecting stories from all manner of Californians, and creating an archive of these digital video stories to share.

Eight members of the Palo Alto community were invited to be part of a two day workshop, presented by StoryCenter, to learn the art of digital storytelling. These participants were invited to tell a story from their own lives and what resulted were eight brief, but moving personal histories.

We invite you to view these digital stories, and to share in the history of our community and your neighbors.


California Digital Storytelling Resources

PACL California Listens Digital Stories

View the digital personal history stories created by your Palo Alto neighbors during the California Listens workshop in June 2017.

California State Library

The California State Library provides many services and programs to California residents.
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