Vintage Media Lab

A Digital Preservation Service

Coming September 2019! This new service will provide equipment to digitize all of your memories that are in old formats, including photo slides, VHS tapes, 8mm video tapes (Video8/Hi8/Handycam), and Super 8 or 8mm film. More equipment to digitize photos, cassettes, and vinyl albums are also on the way.

Appointments will be available on Thursdays from 11-2 PM at the Mitchell Park Library. Check the Vintage Media Lab page for the most up to date schedule and registration instructions. Skilled volunteers will be available to assist you during your one-hour appointment. We will only allow one one-hour appointment per week.

Many thanks to the Pacific Library Partnership for their generous grant to replicate the “Retrotech: Preserving Memories Project,” initiated by the Santa Clara City Library. The SCCL staff was very instrumental in helping us get started.

You can find this similar service at the following Bay Area libraries:

Please email RuthAnn Garcia if you have any questions!