Behavior in the Library

In order for people to use the Palo Alto City Library in safety and comfort, behavior appropriate for a public library is required.

If staff determines that the safety and comfort of others is being compromised or if library equipment and materials are being inappropriately used, a customer may be:

  1. Asked to stop the disruptive behavior;
  2. Warned that he/she may be required to leave that particular library branch for the day if disruptive behavior does not stop;
  3. Asked to leave the Library for the day.
    • If the customer refuses to leave, the Police Department may be called for assistance.
    • If the safety of staff or customers is endangered or a crime is in progress, staff will immediately call the police.
    • An incident report will be completed and distributed to all branches.

It is assumed that when the customer returns on another day, he/she will abide by the rules. Similarly, if the customer visits another branch, it is assumed he/she will follow the rules at that location. If there is an ongoing pattern of disruptive behavior, including disruptions at more than one library facility:

  • Customer will be warned that further disruption will result in suspension of library privileges at the branch(es) in question for up to six months.
  • An incident report will be prepared and include staff’s recommendation that the Library Director prepare a letter suspending the customer’s privileges at the branch(es) in question.
  • The Library Director may suspend the customer’s library privileges at one or more branches for any period up to six months, depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • Appeals will be considered by the Library Director.