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Community Room Usage

Community Room Usage FAQ

What is changing for the Library’s Community Room services?

The Library will charge usage fees for public use events at the Embarcadero Room at the Rinconada Library and the Midtown Room at the Mitchell Park Library. The El Camino Room at the Downtown Library will no longer be available for public use events.


When is this change happening?

Usage fees are now applicable for public use events taking place onward from January 2020.


Why are usage fees being implemented?

The City of Palo Alto offers public-use community rooms for rent throughout our various facilities. The city’s Community Services Division manages and oversees this service. The Library is now aligning its community room services with the rest of the city’s, bringing management and rentals of its community rooms under the Community Services Division’s oversight and the city’s Municipal Fee system.

More information on the City of Palo Alto’s Municipal Fees.


How do I rent a community room at the Library?

To rent the Embarcadero Room at the Rinconada Library, please contact the Palo Alto Art Center at (650) 329-2366 or email (

To rent the Midtown Room at the Mitchell Park Library, please contact the Mitchell Park Community Center at (650) 329-2400

More information on our Library’s community rooms, policies, and fees.


Can I request that fees be waived or reduced for a public use rental?

The Library’s community rooms are available at a 50 percent reduced rate for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

Under the City of Palo Alto’s co-sponsorship program, the Library offers reduced or waived rates to organizations that meet established guidelines.

More information on the City of Palo Alto’s program and policies for co-sponsorship and fee reduction.

If you would like more information on receiving co-sponsorship from the Library for your organization, please contact

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