It’s Time for Tumblebooks

TumbleBooks is a collection of eBooks for kids with over 300 video read-alongs to pick from—they're not really cartoons or movies, more like illustrated audiobooks.

Parents and teachers love this library service, and I just found a hidden feature that I think everyone should know about: searching by "TumbleTime".

What is TumbleTime you might ask? Here's a short description of this feature from their website:

There are many ways in which teachers can determine the suitability of a book for their children. The length of a book is definitely one of them. TumbleBooks supports our readers' book choices by displaying both the word count and the "TumbleTime" length for each book in the collection. You can find this information on the right side of a book display page, under "Book Details".

As one of the few places in our eLibrary collection where you can search be the length of the story, not just the title, genre or reading level, you now have a new super power at your disposal! Tired of reading the same 3 minute story 10 times in a row? Searching by story length might just help you find the perfect 30 minute adventure before the little ones fall asleep. 

Want to learn more? Check the tutorials videos by TumbleBooks on YouTube. You'll need a library card to access, so visit our eHelp page if you run into any problems.