Finding Picture Books in Our Library Catalog

Book Bundles are now available for checkout through our Sidewalk Service! However, you can still find great picture books on your own and here are some ideas on how to find them: 

Our librarians have put together lists of picture books based on popular requests: 

How to find a book by an author you like: 

Frequently, when you find one book you like, you’ll like others by the same author.  Let’s say you really liked Frederick by Leo Lionni. Go to the Library catalog’s entry for that book, and you will see: 


Click on the author’s name (see the red arrow) and you get a list of all the books at PACL by that author.  

If the book is checked out and you don't want to wait, use the filter to narrow down the results to books that are available now: 

How to find a book like the one you just read: 

Maybe you don’t want the same author, but would like a similar book. Back to Frederick by Leo Lionni, if you scroll down the catalog page for that book you will see some suggestions on the right: 

Click on any book to see it in our catalog or click on "More from NoveList" for even more suggestions. 

We have several other options for finding picture books:

  • Try searching through NoveList K-8 Plus
  • Try our Shelf Made service and one of our librarians will suggest a list of five books based on your interests
  • Email a librarian and ask for help 

Happy searching! 

-Kathy Swartz, Youth Services Librarian | Follow @teal_librarian on Bibliocommons