Everyday Upskill: Yoga

By popular demand, here is a quick list of yoga training and courses available through our Upskill program. Each resource is a little different, but they all have one thing in common: they're here for a limited time only!

The Courses

LIVE Yoga Instruction for Ages 55+ through Zoom
Head over to GetSetUp and check out their schedule. This is a volunteer led program, with multiple classes in different time zones. Are you an experience yogi looking for a little extra cash to fund that next mat? Get paid to run your own session! GetSetUp has a volunteer program too.

Yoga for the Office (telecommuters too)
LinkedIn Learning has a wide variety of instructional videos. Too many for us to list. I'm a fan of the "zombie arms" routine that I learned last month to keep carpal tunnel at bay.

Last But Not Least...
Looking for something a little more on the academic side? Sign up for Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology in Coursera. That one is offered by the New York University Tandon School of Engineering and has ~54 hours of content to get through. 

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Upskill FAQs

  • Yes! After downloading and installing from your app store, follow these steps:

    1. Select the "Sign in with your library card" option at the login screen.
    2. In the following screen, enter our library Library ID: paloaltocitylibrary
    3. Use your library account number and PIN
    • If you are having trouble logging in for the first time, make sure to check your inbox for a verification email after initially signing up.
    • The Coursera website has a wide array of community help options, including a public forum for learners like yourself.
    • In addition, their website also has a career center designed to help you pick the right online courses based on your needs.
    • Feel free to contact the eLibrary staff if you need additional help.
    • First, make sure Northstar is the right Upskill resource you need by watching this introduction video on their YouTube channel. Unlike our other Upskill 2022 online resources, this one is primarily about self-assessment tests and certification exams.
    • Feel free to contact the eLibrary staff if you need additional help.