3D Printing

3D printers are available by reservation at the Rinconada Library.

How it works

  • Patrons can reserve 2 hour slots via the 3D Printing calendar.
  • Bring in a 3D file to print during your reservation time (see the starter files below).
  • Arrive for your reservation with your file on USB or SD Card.
  • Choose one of our limited, available colors.
  • Staff will resize your file to comply with the 2 hour limit. See our 3D Printer Rules below.
  • Staff will troubleshoot when necessary.
  • You are invited to watch your object print.
  • Your 3D print job will be removed from the printer and set aside for pickup.

Starter Projects

New to 3D printing? We recommend starting with simple projects like these:

Files can also be downloaded from 3D Object libraries, such as

You can also design your own with software like:

  • Web-based TinkerCAD (available on library PC's in the Chrome web browser)
  • SketchUp (free to download to your own computer).
  • Or, use our Design Software Station which has more advanced software:
    • Fusion 360
    • Cura
    • MakerBot Desktop

3D Printer Rules

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